Want to Change the World in 2019? Set Down Your Tamborine

(From Spokane FAVS) Young leaders face serious issues today climate change, extremism and that need addressing, and we also know that as people of conscience we have an obligation to act. But if the only tools we are handed by some leaders is the acoustic guitar and tambourine, then we have serious concerns about this approach.

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Who is Responsible for Religious Literacy Education?

(From Patheos) Skyler Oberst and Benjamin Marcus recently completed the 2015-2016 Germanacos Fellowship. Skyler and Ben will partner in the coming year to create educational, constitutionally appropriate videos about religion for public school teachers.

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How to Respond to Hate Crimes as an Ally

(From Spokane FAVS) A good ally and advocate recognizes that those who are oppressed and those who wish to end oppression need attention. A good ally acts with a servant’s heart, doing anything to make their neighbor feel loved and appreciated. And a good ally is sensitive to both the needs of the community, and stands arm in arm with all involved.

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Want to Stand Against Hate in Your Town? Meet Your Neighbors

(From Huffington Post) We can all agree that the most meaningful way to break down barriers is to build bridges, but that can’t happen only on a tablet screen. Sometimes, you just need to meet face-to-face.

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Interfaith Work Needed in Spokane and Congress

(From Huffington Post) After a year of visits in coffee shops I found myself in a windowless room with 12 male pastors and my Congresswoman, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA).“There are more people in your district than just evangelicals, and I know you’re committed to every one of them,” I told her.

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AK Mozumdar & Acceptance of Minority Groups in Spokane

(From Spokane FAVS) It seemed like any other hot day on June 30, 1913 in Spokane. But at the U.S. Customs House and Post Office downtown, one man made history by meekly approaching the magistrate when his name was called and placed one hand on the Bible and the other in the air. Finishing the Oath of Allegiance with “so help me God” you can almost imagine the tears of joy on his face. He was A.K. Mozumdar, the first East Indian to fulfill a dream: to become an American citizen.

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What’s Missing from the 2015 Parliament for the World’s Religions? Action.

(From Spokane FAVS) This was my first parliament, and I didn’t know what to expect. During a panel discussion, Karen Armstrong alluded to the same idea. “I am not sure we should call this assembly a ‘Parliament’, because a parliament actually legislates and does something.” I couldn’t agree more. The parliament has the power to convene the world’s religions. Perhaps at the next gathering, meaningful discussion and celebration will yield action, as well.

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