TED Talk: Why You Should Talk to Strangers: Skyler Oberst has a full-time job reminding people to love their neighbors. By using a series of "how to visit" videos and open houses, Skyler is breaking down ideological barriers and building community in a meaningful way. Skyler will be talking about meeting your neighbors.

The Emerging Leaders Society (ELS) is proud to host the fifth annual Spokane Philanthropy Awards. Acts of compassion and philanthropy occur in our community every day. The Spokane Philanthropy Awards are an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the individuals and organizations that are doing good for others. By highlighting the spirit of giving and caring deeds, these awards acknowledge the impact of philanthropy in Spokane County.

ING's Know Your Neighbor Coalition convened a webinar facilitated featuring prominent interfaith organizations who gave their tips and tricks for interfaith efforts, such as sharing tools for starting an interfaith group and ways to foster ongoing interfaith efforts.


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